Deeply Good is a UK-based independent magazine focused on where ideas about culture meet issues of climate change. We write on climate change news and where these ideas and events intersect with cultural exchanges, paradigms, and discourses.

There are issues within the climate change conversation. It’s usually a western-centric conversation, one that doesn’t delve into how a warming climate can affect our politics, philosophies, and even our arts.

We’re trying to level the playing field, acting as a platform for the writers and ideas that usually aren’t heard. Climate change is an issue we all face, so all voices should be heard.

We try to make our ideas as fresh, progressive, and open-minded as possible.

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We also need to stay true to the morals with which we embrace and act upon.

All future physical publications are to be:

  • Produced using green energy supplied by a green energy supplier.
  • Produced using environmentally-friendly printing techniques. Certified with ISO 14001 and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), with all paper being sourced from FSC®-certified mills and sustainable sources.
  • Distributed through companies that comply to carbon-neutral emission standards.
  • Waste paper, ink tins, used printing plates, wooden pallets, and plastic wraps are all fully recycled.

In terms of your privacy:

  • Deeply Good views privacy as paramount, we will never share your information. Online privacy is a fundamental human right.
  • Our email, hosted by ProtonMail, is secured with zero-access encryption,